Written Testimonials Aren’t Worth Squat

About 1/3 of all written consumer testimonials are fake. Obtain true user feedback with video, easy to obtain with mailVU’s webcam recorder that can be embedded into your website or Facebook page. Here is an example of a customer video testimonial recorder integrated into PaySimple’s website.

Your business offers a great product that your clients absolutely love, and video testimonials can be a powerful and real means of showing it. Customer video testimonials are a wonderful addition to your website, however, simply posting written comments might not be enough to inspire new visitors to make a purchase from you.

Video: Tutorial on Capturing Video Testimonials

Video tutorial of mailVU’s webcam recorder.

By using written testimonials, questions are sure to arise from potential clients on the authenticity of these reviews. As carefully crafted wording is frequently used to place items in the best possible light, your perfectly good product might be met by skepticism. By simply relying on words, which are often followed by the awkward and suspicion-inducing first name and a last initial only, there is no emotion or connection with a businesses’ target audience. It’s enough to make a prospective customer wonder: Is the customer who provided the written review for real or are these reviews just the product of a creative company owner? If the comments are real, just how serious is the customer about their review of the product or service? Above all, how old is the comment? New visitors may never know if a review was written 10 days or 10 years ago.

Video is the only way to provide compelling, authentic customer testimonials.

Video testimonials show a real person with facial expressions and voice inflections potential customers can see and hear. If a product or service is useful to them, that passion and excitement in their voice will assuredly come through! That enthusiasm could be contagious enough to turn a prospect into a paying customer.

Certainly to businesses of all sizes, adding video capability sounds great, but there’s probably worry that it’s expensive and difficult to implement. With mailVU, it’s quite affordable on any budget – for the price of bagels and coffee for your company’s weekly staff meeting your business can invest in video testimonial service. As inexpensive as our service is, it’s also incredibly easy to use. Video testimonials can easily be captured from webcam, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, or uploaded from a video camera.

mailVU provides its video testimonial widget as part of our features-packed Business Plan. In combination with our iPhone app, the plan is a fast, easy, and convenient way to capture and embed video testimonials onto your website. Even better, mailVU allows you to send these videos via email to a potential client’s inbox to enhance your email marketing campaigns.

Want to learn more about how to gain video customer testimonials? We would be happy to talk to you! Contact us at info@mailVU.com.

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