Basic Plan Features

Record and Email Record

Recording and emailing 10 minute videos from webcam is as easy as Click, Record, Send. You only need a webcam, and Adobe Flash version 10 or higher in your browser.


Self-Destruct VideoSelf-Destruct Video

Set a self-destruct time of x days or y views, or instantly delete a sent video from the dashboard. See our article on using the self-destruct feature.

Upload VideosSave your Videos

mailVU supports the uploading of pre-recorded videos in mov, mp4, wmv, flv, 3gp, 3gpp, mts, and avi formats.


Uploaded videos can be distributed via email, shared with the video link, or downloaded.


Video Dashboard Save Your Contacts

Store your videos in a private online account. Resend or download videos anytime.


Save contacts in the address book to quickly send video mails. It saves keystrokes when entering the To email addresses.

Video Links Social Media

Get a short link to the video and post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or in a text message.


mailVU example short link:


Mobile Friendly Mobile

Our videos play on all computers, browsers, most new smartphones and tablets including iOS and Android devices.


Download our iPhone app or Android app to send videos on-the-go. Log in from the app to save videos online.

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